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Ready for what's next
This body weighs me down
The drama gets inside
Falling for a sign
The passionate fool
The arrogant fist
Petrified in salt
Purified in soil
Angling toward the bed
Skidding toward the wall
Heavily in burden
Attributes misnamed
Stripping off the labels
Warding off the flame.

The Island

Borrow my voice
Take what you want
The words never ask
It's all about me
Walking away
The Earth bumping, scraping
Driving against me
Never alone
If I were Jesus
Or your prophet returning
Would I even know?
Would it all have voice?
The foreign grating sound
Look at the ground
Pulls at my eyes
Follow me down
Across to the island
See the doubling blue
Cry because it needs me to.


Rooted to the wall
Stretching toward the hum
Focus of the mass
Epicenter squared
Errors in a frame
Weapons on a shelf
Proud and judging hands
Pulling at the cloth
Contagions falter
Dying on my skin
Learn which one to be
Stately colors stain
Absorbed into the core
Drawn toward the door.

Tall Grey Men

Tall grey men with knobby knees
Their cultures on their backs
One has eyes and the other sees
But neither one keeps track

Past the bridges and knotted hills
Through tree lines, streets and snow
One must eat so the other kills
And farther on they go

Draw from streams a taste of life
That cascades over stones
Nourishment for withered minds
And rest for broken bones

Everyday the sun beats down
And vultures peck at worms
Astral planes and settled towns
Wait 'round every turn

Feel the way with tethered feet
Outstretched hands find light
Cobbler's stones on sunlit streets
With manmade lamps at night

Epic is their circumstance
Their travels take such time
Gone the days when peasants danced
And actors spoke in rhyme

Hopeful for a place like home
A kiss to bid them in
Long years since their cause was known
The nature of their sin.


Alone here in this summer
The only man with eyes
Patently inert
Secretly alive
Concave steel and paint
Sharpened by the skies
Dangling from the sun
Falling through the tide
Messengers in water
Talk to me inside
Blinking in the absence
Tugging at the sides
Rain on concrete curves
Street lights make it shine
Everything perfection
Never even tried.


Occupied with normalcy
Straining outward from all sides
Bracketing indulgences
Disposing of my gall
Show me how to see
Teach me not to learn
Step in me
I'm normal
Feed on me
I'm wrong
Open wide my skin
Notions pink and clean
Take from me my vision
Disenchant my dream.


Your misdirected view
Lying to believe
Profane and childish
Swallow it down
Feel it stick
Meat for pointed bones
Retching poisoned air
The field is burning far below
Ashes like wisdom
Soft and subtle
Weak and broken
Mark your forehead
Smear your eyes
Now denial
Now escape
Now longing
Leap of faith
Blinding light of gleaming spies
From in the hollow
Planets rise.

The Body

The body is aware
Leaning through the side
Losing all its hold
Giving all its pride
Tangling with space
Paring with a flame
Falling past the end
Rising all the while
Give it space and time
Give it fear and hate
Take from it the good
Leave it in the ground
Thankful for the dream
Grateful for the sound.

The Secret

The secret at the end
Tearing at the sky
Drifting through the clash
Breaking down a life
Lift the earthward bound
Leave the subtle land
Beat the endless game
Traffic in the mind
Lessen at the bend
Blistering with pain
Following the lame
Giving out in time
Running after stones
Leading all the way
First forgive the blame
First to live again.

The Screws

Everyone is better
Is that satisfactory?
That was very simple
Is that all you needed?
I've freed you and I’m glad
Everyone is good
Exception to the rule
It's nice we got that straight
I have my flaws in tow
I use them all the time
Yes of course I'll try
Yes my face is flat
My brain is whole
I'm wholly wrong
Stand by, sir
I'll soon be gone.


Falling from the sky
With others close behind
Trembling knees and hands
Following the road
Knowing where it goes
Pieces fall aside
Piling in the swale
Breaking down in time
Flesh in stagnant pools
Still the trail leads on
Helpless not to move
Gathering the noise
Circulating air
Calculating pain
Finally at the end
Reaching through the dust
Lifting into sky
The others close behind.


It's writing by itself.
I'm trying to keep up-
Leaping from my head?
Leaning on the dead?
Lessons all the same,
Messages rephrased,
Answers turning 'round,
Leading underground-
Possibly insane,
Certainly inane.
But stepping back in time,
In time to change the rhyme.


Gravity is my choice.
It's conscious of me now,
Pushing it away,
Choosing when to fall.
I walk up to the edge,
Peering through the dust-
Clouds of atom grit-
At winding steps of grass,
Shifting from below,
Taking all the height,
Eliminating need.
I walk along the edge.
No one is impressed,
Least of all myself.


My body wants me to weep
I'm afraid it won't satisfy
I fight the need
It's too much
I want it now
It terrifies me
I should leave it alone
Live on the ground
On the dirt
The far end of the road
Stands before me like a wall
Changes my perspective
Blocks my eyes
Makes me see
Draws in the periphery.

Question Marked

I don't belong here
A mistake has been made
I was born already wrong
And the universe doesn't know me
I broke a rule in ignorance
Thrown down here with strangers
Miles from my front door
My crime would be forgiven
If he knew how much I hate this
I hate being me
In a world that denies me
A world without gravity
I listen to the background
Answering the question marks
Answers spilling from the box
This is not my business
I didn't mean to wonder
Show me where the switch is
I'll turn it off right now
Then can I go home?
Cobblestones and rivers
Nodding heads and quiet
Everybody knows me
They all say my name
The universe forgives me
From there I'll say goodbye
I'll write a letter saying
I'm home now
And I don't want to die.