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The Ache

Lying on the bench of the deck table,
My feet propped up on a rail of the boat,
I see nothing but a vast sheet of blue,
Feel nothing but the breeze and a dull ache
In my head. The silhouette of a woman
Is suddenly next to me, carved from the sunlit sky.
Regarding me casually, no obvious emotion,
She steps astride my legs.
Young, subtly attractive,
Her face made mostly of shadows.
I may have seen her around before.
"Do you think I'm someone else?"
"No," she sighs, leaning forward.
She lays her head on my chest. Her dark hair
Graces my cheek, drapes my shoulder.
Raising her feet from the deck,
She rests the whole of her slight weight
On my body, gripping my arms gently.
I stroke her fragrant hair, graze her back
With my knuckles and fingertips.
She sighs contentedly.
A little saddened, I watch a hawk
Cross my vision, high in the satin sky,
And quietly lament that things like that
Never really happen.
Sitting up, I take the notebook from my backpack
And write under the setting sun.


Jonatas Santana said…
Hi. I found this blog by accident, so what a good luck.
I liked it, you have a nice poetic and interesting mind. Nice photos. I'm now your reader.
Anonymous said…
Hi Michael- I love the look of your blog, but it is very difficult to read.

Nice poems. How long have you been in Japan? I hope it gets easier. . .
Susannah said…
Michael, this is a beautiful poem - i feel the longing in your words... you have some startling photography on your blog - i'm very pleased to have found you and look foward to more...
madd said…
I am so glad you decided to post this lovely poem..nicely done, words filled with such longing..I will be back to read more, thanks for sharing..m
Lovely poem, very melancholy. I love the image of the hawk waking you from your reverie.
Chelle said…
I love the wording of your poem. I'll echo the above comments: wonderful imagery and use of emotion.
Anonymous said…
So much longing. There is a little spot in my heart that is usually quiet, and it spoke up while I read this - it ached. Well done.

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I don’t believe in time.
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