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I have photos instead
Of memories.
I keep looking through my albums-
Thousands of images
And not a single story.
I wonder who I am.
I wonder why.
All those years I spent
Yearning to get out
Into the world,
Instead of dying,
I saw it differently.
I thought if I traveled
A million miles,
I would arrive somewhere.
But I’m nowhere.
I’m no one
And nothing in particular;
I’m cold and weightless,
In a void without gravity.
I’m a thief of oxygen,
A waste of atoms.
I could have been wild
In the jungle, or the sea.
I could have been a star in Orion
Or a stone at Giza.
I walk the streets
Just to see living.
That’s the only way I can see it-
From the side, watching
Other people breathe the air
I’m only tasting.
I should lie on my back
In the street,
Cross my eyes
At the buildings that sparkle
In my periphery,
Hanging from the sidewalks
Like beaded curtains.
I should reach up,
Pluck a single blue thread
And watch the sky unravel;
Watch the world
Fall away.


jayne said…
Wow. Your pictures are beautiful, and your writing is incredibly soulful. Just amazing.

And I think the black and white is perfect--wouldn't work with your words otherwise.
Rav`N said…
gorgeous pictures.

the poem is beautiful. there were points in my life when I certainly could relate to it.
Photos instead of memories - i know lots of people who can only access their past like that. Lovely poem, which I must try to remember to come back to read again.
yioeng said…
i liked that poem because it was like being present in a person's battle with himself, time and his past... good work
This is my mantra today:

"I thought if I traveled
A million miles,
I would arrive somewhere."

thank you!
I'm sorry if this posts twice, but Blogger acted up:

Wow! Your poem swept me off my feet from its opening lines to several other phrases. I've read it a few times in one sitting because I was mesmerized on several levels.

I also like the artistic layout to your site: rather enigmatic, haunting and seraching appeal. I also noticed in your profile that you paint with pastels also. (So do I.)
blackbank said…
I think this is a class poem. It breeds a universal truth out of your experience, which is often a really difficult thing to do. I was moved and drawn in. It's one of the best poems I've read recently. BB
Natalie said…
A moving poem. The imagery is diverse and it's really well-written. Great to read, thanks.
Dani said…
"I walk the streets just to see living" -- that touched me the most.
michelle said…
"I have photos instead
Of memories."
I can definitely relate to that.

And I'm so in love with this image:
I should reach up,
Pluck a single blue thread
And watch the sky unravel;

So incredibly vivid.
Dennis said…
I’m with Michelle – the blue thread metaphor is stunning. I recognize you Mike. You’re a Seeker. And therefore you are not alone. The exterior journey of a million miles will take you far but get you nowhere. The path that must be traveled lies within. Mine started with the reading of Iron John by Robert Bly. Merry Christmas.
L. Monique said…
I am late but still grateful. The photograph is wonderful and like Dennis and Michelle, my breath caught at the blue thread.

and I love the layout. it's very uniquely yours and my eyes don't hate you for it.
Pearl said…
Interesting ideas in the regret of oxygen thief and tugging the sky to unravel the blue.

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