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When I See It

I don’t believe in time.
There's much more world left;

So much more to learn,
And I don’t believe in time.
I believe in shadow birds flying
Through the green of mown grass
Under the squint-bright sun;
An ocean dappled with clouds
And the white sails of small boats
Crossing my shoulder;
A thousand dynamic blooms
That I can’t name, speaking
With voices of children
And laughing as they pass;
The reassuring chatter
Of great wooden beasts
That sermonize patience
And continuity.
But I don’t believe in time
Or the limits it implies.
I don’t believe in the failure
Of the manifest soul.
I don’t believe death will result
From the cessation of habits
That feed my blood,
Because I won't believe
In a future nothingness
That I can’t see from here.


Rob Kistner said…
Very intriguing ST -- an introspective journey into the what if of life and afterlife. I liked it a great deal.
I enjoyed this too, especially the shadow birds.
Pip said…
A lot to think about. I love the first few lines - not believing in time because there is too much to do. I also love "cessation of habits that feed the blood". This is a poem to mull over a little more...
Pauline said…
I do believe you're right...

this is beautifully expressed
twitches said…
This makes me think of Whitman for some reason. Nicely done.
chicklegirl said…
This poem was wonderful, but the last two lines were what really made it for me!
bookbinds said…
I really enjoyed this meditation on our existence and how you make such great use of contrasts--the tangible, concrete images of the external world versus the intangibles of our thoughts and introspections.
I enjoyed this greatly, SquareTraveler. It is a spectacular musing upon time, which holds somewhat true to my own.
Jen Rouse said…
some great images--especially the shadow birds and "squint-bright sun."
tsukinobun said…
I really love the tone of this...
the shadow birds caught my imagination but the rest of it caught my deeper understanding. I loved the visual of boats crossing your shoulder, the great wooden beasts.

There is a quote from Emerson in which he says that the great works resonate with us because they feel like our own words, our own thoughts repeated back to us. There is something in this that resonates with me on a level I can't quite express. All i know is -- I love it. It rings true to me.
My fave lines: "But I don’t believe in time
Or the limits it implies."
Molly said…
What a strong first line!

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