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O to be young and hoard my wisdom!
To have ambition to match my desires
And strength to achieve my ambitions!
Gangs of children parade by me,
Jumping and punching and loudly observing,
Laughing and popping off like fireworks.
For them to stand at a crosswalk
Is a torment of delay. For me today,
It is temptation to curl up on pavement
With my head against a streetlamp.
Couples still pawing adolescence
Announce everything in earnest,
Every word punctuated with wrath
From gleaming faces, electric eyes
Sparking with passion, arms gesturing,
Sinewy legs impatient at the stroll.
Yesterday, I walked across a harbor,
Twice by bridge, and my body,
Grudging as a forlorn companion,
Has yet to forgive my abuse.
Gravity has learned my name.
As more years pile on my back,
It gets harder for a planet to ignore me.


Rob Kistner said…
Engaging perspective of growing world weariness as age begins to advance... I enjoyed it ST!
Rax said…
been a while since i dropped by. the ending resounds with the raw emotion crafted well. the title aptly chosen

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When I See It

I don’t believe in time.
There's much more world left;
So much more to learn,
And I don’t believe in time.
I believe in shadow birds flying
Through the green of mown grass
Under the squint-bright sun;
An ocean dappled with clouds
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Dawn is in an hour;
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on the grey river,
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of quiet honesty;
the great peace
of telling without cause,
without want.
The arm stretches
and guides the body;
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Laughter snaps
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heart combines with heart.
And dawn is in the hour,
in the night.


I think, sometimes,
that I can do anything,
but that can change on the way
to the elevator.

I prepare for outside.
Rain makes it easier,
bends my eye to the ground,
to the architecture;
turns everything to gold.
The new gravity holds me,
turns the voices into hums,
the walkers into clouds.

But outside my door,
there are voices already,
breaking through planks of wood
that should mean security,
and I’m in their path;
every word an arrow
tipped with poison.

They’re only voices.
They are not harsh;
they do not threaten.
They’re not aimed at me
at all. Yet I suspect,
hidden from me,
there are faces attached.