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Go On

It could go on forever from here,
For all I know.
There’s no end that I can see.
Spotless clouds multiply
Beyond finite finality,
Dropping oily shadows
On the saltwater bay,
Shimmying down and over
The misty grey-green hills
That turn back sailors
And wall off my horizon.
They could go on forever.

From somewhere an ancient tune
Conjures a dance in campfire light.
A glance reveals an elderly man
With a wooden flute, tapping a foot
To music he pries from the flesh of a tree.
This is so irregular I could deny it,
But I hear the music, I see the musician
Here and now on the settling wake
Of the second millennium,
Calling back Celtic glory
To make him whole today.
He could go on forever.

To my left in elm shadows,
A dear old girl of dear old heart
Faces a like companion,
Stretching her arms in gestures
That expand the meaning of her words.
She draws her listener along.
They collude in her retrospection,
In her experiences better shared.
So how can I see them to my left
When they’ve been uprooted
From this now,
To walk in …