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Storm Clouds Call Me Home

Grey clouds, pick me up.
It’s not safe here on the ground I think.
The sidewalk has its teeth in me;
I can't walk straight anymore.
Pictures found in frames,
Growing crooked from forgotten earth,
Show off places I could never go
If I flew across the bay.

Red sky, raise me up.
The world burns and I'm standing here.
I don't know how to be a friend;
Nothing's easy anymore.
I gather all the blame,
Hold it loose inside my weaker hand.
Without looking up to meet the eyes,
I release it to the wind.

So storm clouds, call me home.
Freeze my bones above a mountaintop.
There's a chance I'll see the other side.
Hold my atoms to the sun.
I'm not afraid to fall.
I might crash into a stranger day
When the elemental truths are bare
And the seeker has a claim.

I'm tired of my voice.
There's nothing here that's meant for me.
Blot out the sky and then we'll see.
Storm clouds, take me home.